"The first wealth is health."
–Ralph Waldo Emerson

The American College of Sports Medicine website offers a variety of health and fitness brochures for individuals interested in sports medicine and exercise science. Topics include resistance training, reducing sedentary time, selecting appropriate fitness equipment and injury prevention.

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April is National Pecan Month

pecansPecans are designated as a heart-healthy food choice by the American Heart Association. Unroasted and unsalted pecan halves are the best choice for snacking and for use in recipes.  A one ounce serving of 15-20 pecan halves packs a nutritious punch and contains 196 calories, other benefits of pecans include: 

What is Exergaming?

exergame classExergaming is defined as technology-driven physical activities, such as video game play, that requires participants to be physically active or exercise in order to play the game. These games require the user to apply full body motion to participate in virtual sports, in group fitness exercise or other interactive physical activities. The concept behind Exergaming takes the passion for gaming and turns what was once considered a sedentary behavior into a potentially more active and healthy activity.


What are the benefits of exergaming?

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